New Pricing

We are pleased to announce new pricing for Flip Edition is now in place.

Check the pricing page for details.

Home Uses for Flip Edition

Use Flip Edition for to replace your online PDF pages to get a faster delivery and provide a more enjoyable experience for your website visitors.

  • Online Catalogs and Online Brochures: For online catalogs and brochures, Flip Edition is perfect.  Replace your slow loading PDF pages with a Flip Edition book.
  • Online Short Stories, Online Essays and Online Theses:  Publish your short stories, essays or theses using Flip Edition.  You don't even need a website, just email the link to your readers!
  • Online Newspapers and Magazines:  Online newspapers and magazines with Flip Edition can greatly increase your readership due to the speed of delivery and the ability of your readers to experience the page flipping they are used to.
  • Online Books:  As most people prefer to experience the traditional page turning, Flip Edition is a perfect solution for publishing your books online.
  • Online Restaurant Menus:  Restaurant owners can now provide their visitors with the same experience online as if they were sitting at one of their tables.  What better way to encourage them to visit you?

Last Updated (Sunday, 07 February 2010 17:38)