New Pricing

We are pleased to announce new pricing for Flip Edition is now in place.

Check the pricing page for details.

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Pricing Packages

FlipEdition pricing is designed to fit any budget from an author who wants to publish a single article to magazines and newspapers with thousands of page views per day.

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Individual Accounts

FlipEdition Individual Accounts are billed to your credit card monthly and allow you to create one FlipEdition publication. Once you signup, you can buy additional capacity (Publication Slots) as necessary to keep any number of publications live on your site.

Step 1: Signup for you Flip Edition Account
The FlipEdition account provides for hosting of your Flip Edition publications in your own folder on and includes one complimentary Publication Slot.  You may change publications as often as you like but can only keep one publication live at a time with this package.  In order to offer more than one publication, you must purchase additional Publication Slots.
Flip Edition Publication Hosting $ 7.00 per Month Sign-Up

Step 2: Buy Additional Publication Slots (Optional)
Publication Slots provide capacity in your Flip Edition account for additional publications. We call them Publication Slots because you can change your publications at any time with new publications so, for example, if you have purchased a Publication Slot 6-Pack and have six publications on your Flip Edition site this month, you can replace any or all six with new publications next month at no additional charge.
Publication Slot 1-Pack
$ 24.00
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Publication Slot 6-Pack $ 110.00
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Publication Slot 12-Pack $ 190.00
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Contact our Sales Department if you have questions.

Magazines, Newspapers, Publishing Companies

Flip Edition offers special package pricing for Magazines, Newspapers and other high volume users.
Please Contact our Sales Department for details.



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