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 Frequently Asked Questions


Can I change the publication for free?

Question: If I purchased the service for $7 per month, could I change the 1 document hosted periodically or is the charge for one document and I would have to pay to convert future documents to be hosted? Answer: Flip Edition hosting includes one publication slot. A publication slot allows for one document to be displayed on your hosted Flip Edition site. You can delete the current one and add a new one or you can buy additional publication slots.

How can I sell access to my Flip Edition publication?

Support for paid digital downloads with PayPal is currently under development and should be available shortly.

How do I know if anyone is reading my publication?

Flip Edition supports statistics tracking with Google Analytics. You simply need to create a Google Analytics account and then install the tracking code within your control panel. See the help file for more info.

Do I need to have a website to use Flip Edition ?

No, it is not necessary to have a website to use Flip Edition. When you create a publication, you can retrieve a link to it that you can include in emails, on Facebook, etc.