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We are pleased to announce new pricing for Flip Edition is now in place.

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How it Works

FlipEdition is an e-book application that allows publishers and writers to publish their work in a virtual printout format providing a traditional "Page Turning" experience.

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Our Admin Interface allows publishers to upload pdf files for automated conversion to our Flip Edition format and select the type of page turning sounds and colors of the presentation. Flip Edition understands all your PDF internal page links and recreate them faithfully. When the process is completed, our system sends an email notification to the publisher with instructions on how to imbed or link to the FlipEdition publication from within their website, for a seemless integration.

FlipEdition works closely to match your actual page numbering, where you can assign pre-count pages that start with Roman Numerals and then specify which page starts with page number one.

In addition to the traditional Left-to-Right Writing support for Latin based publications we offer support for Right to Left Writing for RTL publications, such as Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew and Urdu.

Since all FlipEdition documents are search engine friendly, all publications are configured to your Google Analytics account to provide you with detailed reporting on page views and traffic analysis.

FlipEdition documents are hosted on our high availability, high speed servers providing search indexing and crisp, fast page rendering of your publication to your readers.

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