New Pricing

We are pleased to announce new pricing for Flip Edition is now in place.

Check the pricing page for details.

Home Features

Flip Edition has all of the features you need to publish documents on the web.

Front End User Interface Features

  • Zoom and Drag
    Zoom with the slider bar or your mouse wheel and drag the viewing area to wherever you like.
  • Thumbnail View
    Select the thumbnail view and then scroll through the thumbnails to find the page you want.
  • Print Individual Pages
    Click the print buttons to print individual pages.
  • Smart Document Searching
    Search document for key words, click a link in the search results to go to that page.
  • Download in PDF
    Convert your Flip Edition back to PDF for download of hard copy.

Back End Administrative Features

  • User Friendly Interface
    Our admin control panel is easy to use and offers complete help documentation.  Create your flip publication and be ready to go online in minutes.
    Page Turning Direction
    Choose the western languages left-to-right page flipping or eastern languages right-to-left page flipping.
  • Publication Expiration
    Set an expiration date for any publication after which it will no longer be viewable.
  • Live Thumbnails
    Turn on live thumbnails to show thumbnail flash files of the publication.
  • Set Starting Page
    Set the page number that the publication opens to, for exampe, a centerfold.
  • Hard Cover and Hard Page Option
    Set the cover page to flip as a hard cover book would or set all pages as hard.
  • Auto-Flip
    Set your publication to automatically flip through the pages at a rate you determine.
  • Set Interface Language
    Choose the language for the menu items from our multi-lingual menu.
  • Control the Features Available to your Readers
    Turn off sound, disable mouse flip, disable PDF download, disable print option.  You control the user options.
  • Multiple Sound Options
    Choose from a long list of flipping sounds.
  • Color Options
    Set the colors of the publication backgrounds, borders, search word higlights.
  • Multiple Deployment Options
    Choose from three different styles of deployment on any webpage or use a url to include in your emails.
  • All Publications Thumbnail Pages
    If you have multiple publications, we provide your own webpage with thumbnails of each publication including paging, search and sort features.
  • Google Analytics Interface
    Keep on top of the popularity of your publications with our easy to implement connection to your Google Analytics account.
  • Download in Flip Edition
    Download your publication in Flip Edition format and burn to CD.  Flip Edition download comes with AutoRun feature.  Great for handing out digital catalogs.

Last Updated (Saturday, 22 May 2010 14:12)